How I met preserved roses

I still remember the first day that I decided to start a business making preserved rose, people keep asking me what is preserved rose, and why working on something people rarely know about it.

Well, the very first time I heard of “preserved rose” was when I took a trip to Asia. I was so surprised to see that people living in China, Japan and Korea are so interested in flowers that will never die. Those beautiful flowers have vivid color, soft petals, just like those fresh ones do. Husband bought preserved roses for their wives on anniversary, boyfriends bought preserved rose for girlfriends on Valentine’s Day, kids bought preserved flowers for their moms’ birthdays. It seems like people will never get enough of preserved roses.

Preserved rose is so wonderful for someone like me, who is allergy to flower pollen. You don’t need to worried about the itchy eyes, and running rose while having preserved rose. Because all the allergy triggers have been extracted through the preservation process. Also, no time to water those little beauties? No worry, preserved roses don’t even need to be watered.

You might think it sounds like a miracle, a flower can live without water and sunshine. But yes, it is a miracle, and it is what we are making right now.

4" Orange Preserved Rose


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