Top 5 online gift stores

Do you love shopping online? Have you ever bought any gifts online for your friends and families? How do you like the shopping experience so far?

Well, I know that different people may have different ideas towards online gift shopping. But I do love shopping online, not only because it’s time saving, but also there are thousands of fun items out there. So, I would love to share some great online gift shopping sites.

1. is the most popular marketplace to buy and sell unique good. Most of the goods are handmade. The sellers are from all around the world, which allows you to meet lots of amazing products. You will find hundreds of designer pieces, from clothing to home decor, from gift to art piece. This is so far the best place to shop for something special for yourself or for your friends and families.

2. took 1st place in 2014 EcommerceBytes Sellers Choice Awards after finishing 4th for three consecutive years. It’s voted as the best curated marketplace both for buyers and sellers. Bonanza now has over 25,000 sellers offering a vibrant collection of fashion, home decor, collectibles, and more. The reason why I love shopping here is because you can chat with seller while shopping. So, if you have any question about the product, you don’t need to email the seller and wait for response. You will receive real time customer service. Really convenient!


AHALife is a e-commerce site for hard-to-find and exclusive luxury lifestyle products. As you can tell, the products could be pricey comparing with other online gift shopping sites. But, it definitely worth the money. What makes the site compelling is the blend of content, commerce, and curation in AHAlife’s platform. Celebrity curators on the site include Tim Gunn, Wendi Murdoch, Donna Karan Daniel Boulud, Cynthia Rowley, and Tina Brown. If you prefer something that a little bit high-end, AHALife is the right place.

4. is another curated social marketplace for independent creatives. It’s the most social place to buy and sell products from the world’s leading independent brands. This is the heaven for people who love DIY products. Each product is unique, you probably can not find the same item anywhere else. The shopping menu is clear and user friendly. You won’t waste too much time on finding what you want.


When they call it uncommon goods, they mean it. The website is so well organized, you can easily pick up the right selection without searching too long. UncommonGoods also provides design ideas for their products on their in site blog. Their blog is really helpful, you can find recipes, decor ideas, gift guide and more. This is definitely a good place not only for shopping, but also for entertaining.

Next time when you shopping for gift, try these online stores. Disappointed, NO! Surprise, YES!


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