Love & Preserved Rose

When the flames of war raged to a small town in the southern Europe, an infatuated couple was about to part. The boy was so brave and determined that he was going to join the battle to defend his hometown and family. Both of them knew that once the boy left, he might never return home just like their fathers and brothers. The boy left the girl with dewy roses just picked from the garden and a letter sealed with red wax. As agreed, the girl did not open the letter until the boy was completely out of sight. He wrote to her that when the last petal of these roses withered, it was time for her to forget him and embark on a new life.


With the spreading of war flames, the bloody news kept pouring in. Like reading the girl’s mind, those roses had long lost their dewdrops, their freshness, and even its rich fragrance. The girl, however, had not heard anything from the boy. Amazingly, the roses in the vase never shed a single petal. Eventually, the exhausted boy returned in triumph at the girl’s front door in one early morning, with his scarred body covered by coat armor. Since then, they lived together for the rest of their lives and never parted. And the bouquet of those dried roses was forever preserved.


Therefore, the romantic story of this fortunate couple is always on the lips of people. Today in Europe, when a boy and a girl fall in love, they will keep a bouquet of roses. They will either put the petals in the Bible or make them into preserved flowers, praying that they could be as fortunate and happy as the couple till the end of their lives. 


When people asking why I choose to work on preserved roses, I would always share this beautiful story with them. The answer is quite simple, it’s all because of love. If you want to express your love, and would love to send your lovers with something special and meaningful, visit us at So, another Monday comes, we hope you all enjoy every minute of the day so far.



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