A Love Story with White Rose

White Rose Gift Box

For centuries, people view white rose as a symbol of purity and innocence. With the elegant appearance and meanings, white rose has been used as wedding flower and bridal boutique throughout the history. Husband would love to choose white roses as a anniversary gift or birthday gift for their wives. Besides purity and innocence, white rose also has the meaning of strong resistance. If you want to show your encouragement or cherish to your friends or families, white rose is a good choice as well.

It was couple days ago, we received an email from one of our customers sharing about a touching story between him and his daughter.  He adopted his daughter when she was a baby. Ever since then, the little girl suffered a lot physical pain. But he never gave up on her. When the little girl suffered with illness, he always tells her to be strong. The little girl loves white rose, so every time he saw white rose, he would buy her one.

Even though he didn’t talk too much in the email, but we can feel how much he loves his precious little daughter-the excitement when he finds our products and the eagerness to show his daughter her favorite flower. We cherish mother’s love all the time, writing songs, poems about how great it is. However, it is easy to forget how much love our dads give to us. Dad’s  love is just like the white rose, plain appearance with strong power inside.


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