What is preserved flower?

What is preserved flower? What does “preserved” mean? What’s the difference between dried flower and preserved flower? Are preserved flowers fake? Have you ever had questions about preserved flower? Today, I’m going to answer all these question marks in your head.

When talking about preserved flower, we mean real flower. Yes, I mean it, preserved flower is real flower. The term “preserve” or “preservation” describes the complicated procedures florists using to keep the fresh flowers last longer. Preserved flowers are a perfect option for long-lasting, beautiful arrangements without using silks. Each flower undergoes a special and intricate process to preserve the quality and integrity of the petals which are then dyed with rich and outstanding colors. In other words, preserved flower is made of fresh and natural flower. So, it is obvious that preserved flower is totally different from silk flower and artificial flower in the market, the latter ones are 100% man-made fake flower.

Now you might think of dried flower. Although dried flower can also last for years as well, it doesn’t have the fresh, soft and natural appearance as preserved flower does. As mentioned before, the preservation process, which makes flower keep its soft petals and vivid looking, does a great job in maintain the quality and integrity of the petals. You can simply distinguish dried flower and preserved flower by touching them. Those soft ones are preserved flowers, and those shriveled ones are dried flower.

Thanks to its natural beauty and long lasting feature, preserved flower becomes popular in making table centerpieces, flower arrangement, home decoration, wedding decoration, etc. If you are interested in knowing more about preserved flower, just visit http://www.rosestory.us for more.



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