Creative Holiday Flower Decoration Ideas

With thanksgiving is just around corner, it’s almost the time that you start to think about what to have for your holiday decorations. Whether it is a fall-themed bouquet or a magnificent centerpiece featuring the colors of autumn for your dinner table, you can never finish the decorations without flowers.

I’ve heard so many friends complaining about how much money they spend each year on fresh flower boutiques and arrangements. Those beautiful blooms do bring a lot of joy while whey are alive. However, there still will be a time for them to fade away. Don’t want to waste your money on buying fresh flowers? Here are some unique money-saving decoration ideas for upcoming holiday.

  1. Preserved Rose Terrarium: I bet you have heard of air plant terrarium kit which contains driftwood, shells, moss, sand and small green plants. Pretty much the same as air plant, preserved rose terrarium is made of natural preserved rose and hydrangeas. They don’t need soil to grow, so you can surround them with decorative objects. Moreover, these rose terrariums make a beautiful springtime arrangements for your home without costing you a lot. You can hang them on Christmas tree, near the window or in your patio.
  2. Preserved Flower Arrangement: European style fresh flower arrangement is so popular nowadays. Well decorated with colorful flowers and custom design hatbox, those arrangements do not come cheap. However, do not forget about the preserved flowers. Thanks to the technology, you can purchase preserved flower arrangement in hatbox with almost the price as the fresh one, and keep it last for years!
  3. Custom Design Preserved Flower Arrangement: Always want something special? No problem. Custom design is a great way to demonstrate your way of holiday decoration. Custom design provides you with flexibility on color options and style. Thought it will be a little bit expensive than regular flower arrangement, t’s still worth the money since you can keep them for years.

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